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Haws Paint and Body Shop was originally called Story Paint & Body Shop. In 1955, owner Jeep Story called and asked Bill Haws to come to Ft. Worth and join as a partner of the body shop. He did and commuted for months until he and his wife, Evelyn, moved to Ft. Worth. Shortly thereafter, the shop became known as Story and Haws Paint & Body Shop.

In ’63, Jeep Story quit the body shop business and sold his half to Bill. Bill incorporated the shop as Haws Paint & Body Inc. and ran the shop while Evelyn worked as a bookkeeper. That same year, Lawrence Stephens came to work at the shop. He worked for ten years as the head painter. In 1973, Bill had a heart attack. During his recovery, he went to the shop and taught Lawrence how to do bodywork. Lawrence thus developed from an excellent painter into someone who was also a very talented body specialist.

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Today, Eddie maintains ownership of the shop in the same way that his predecessors have: respectability, credibility, and reliability. After a half-century of business, Haws Paint & Body Shop is proud to continue doing the same top-quality work that it was founded on. Contact us today at (817) 335-3616 to learn more about our company or services.

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In 1985, Bill retired, and Lawrence purchased the shop, taking over the management in the process. Lawrence’s son, Eddie, came to fill the vacancy in the body shop when Bill left. In 1992, Lawrence, too, suffered a heart attack and Eddie stepped in to run the shop, ut that hasnt stop us from giving you flawless repair.